Today, a quality digital hearing aid typically costs $2500-$4000.  The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that hearing impairment is the most common sensory deficit in human populations, affecting more than 250 million people in the world.  Most of those people, of course, do not have the financial resources necessary or access to hearing aids.

In the meantime, while the cost of most consumer electronics have plummeted, hearing aid costs have risen dramatically.  It is a tragic that people are living their entire lives without hearing the comforting words of their mother, music, a rambling river or leaves rustling through the trees.  This would all be possible if they simply had a hearing aid.

Our mission, simply stated, is to “Help Them Hear.”

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  1. We at TUHYN,are a green energy solution provider company (start up).We are interested in the solar hearing aid + charger product and would like to market in India region. we are based at Kolkata,India

  2. What an incredibly important mission, especially for Children who are developing life long skills during the first critical years and for educational success thereafter.

    Karen L. Anderson, PhD, Director
    Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss

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