Hearing Powered by the Sun

Hearing Powered by the Sun – Batteries for hearing aids typically cost a hundred dollars a year, making hearing aids even more unaffordable for those living in poverty.   Not only are batteries expensive, but electricity is hard to come by in many developing countries.  Just received this hearing aid, solar charger and hearing aid … Continue reading

Solar Ear Discussion

Feb 28, 2013 – Excited about a call I had this morning with Howard Weinstein of Solar Ear! They’ve created a low cost hearing aid, and long lasting battery they are providing to children in developing countries. We are discussing collaboration and potential partnership. You can read more about their program here (english language available) … Continue reading

The Other 1%

Feb 9, 2013 – WHO Report: “Less than 1% of hearing impaired individuals use hearing aids in developing countries, while in developed countries the rate ranges from 10% to 40%.”