Help Them Hear will raise funding to buy and provide hearing technology and the required support to those who cannot afford them.  Secondly, we will endeavor to design, manufacture and distribute a high quality open source digital hearing device for under $50.

The design approach  will make use of an external wearable device linked to an in-ear Bluetooth device, ear buds or headphones.  This does not require miniaturization which drives a great deal of the costs associated with standard hearing aids.

Help Them Hear is also investigating the use of a tablet-based app for testing hearing and download of personalized settings to the hearing device.  We will also utilize solar charging technology for charging in remote areas.   Help Them Hear uses the Internet for collaboration on the project and for training those administering the program around the world.

Help Them Hear will also partner with others doing good work to solve this problem, academic bio-medical research organizations, electronics design and manufacturing companies and experts in the field.

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